We have been experiencing above average rainfall and at times very heavy downpours. Now is the time to be catching this water and storing it for the warm summer ahead. With 2015 being the warmest year on record we are sure to see another scorching summer.
A water catchment system for irrigation use is a great way to lower your monthly water bill and help contribute to protecting our most precious natural recourse. Water catchment systems can be designed for all needs and demands. We have installed the basic 50 gallon drum under a downspout to a more complex underground storage tank that is completely automated.
Building up an extra supply of water is always a good idea. Whether it will be used to water plants and lawns during the summer, washing your car, or come in handy during a natural disaster we are sure it won’t go to waste. Call us today for a free consultation and quote to fit your needs. Don’t let El Nino rains go to waste.”