Longer days and warmer temperatures are slowly creeping in as we approach springtime. Welcome this new season by preparing your landscaping for the changes to come so you can enjoy your outdoors as much as possible!

Start your “spring cleaning” outside. Throw on some gloves and clear out any debris that has accumulated in your yard. Rake through lawns and garden beds to remove dead grass, dried leaves, pine needles, twigs, etc. Clearing off this excess thatch will give your lawn the chance to breathe and your plants room to grow. Tidy up your perennials by trimming off any dead stalks or leaves.

Early March is a great time to prune your shrubs and trees. Proactively cut off dangerous limbs before they fall from your tree and to help give it shape for new growth. Keep your bushes pruned down now to avoid wild overgrowth come April, May and June.

Mulch is one of landscaping’s best friends. It aids in moisture retention and weighs down weeds from being able to sprout up. Replenish your grounds with an application of fresh mulch to give your plants support for the upcoming season. Just be careful not to smoother any potential perennials that may be budding.

Keep crisp lines between your lawn and other elements or hardscapes in your yard by edging its perimeter. Mow the grass first, then clean up the remaining edges. This will help define the lines in between your landscaping and lawn, leaving a sharp and clean look. Trex decking or other composite wood products can work great as an edge restraint.

Fertilizing your grass should ideally be done soon after or before a light rain, so plan accordingly with these March showers we’ve been having. Supply your lawn now with the nutrients it needs to flourish come spring.

A little preparation can go, (or grow!), a long way. Incorporate these tasks onto your landscaping to-do list before spring bounces in. Leaves will soon be turning green, flowers will blossom, the sun will shine, and you’ll already be basking in a beautifully manicured yard!