Los Gatos Project

Fire Falls

K&D embarked on a large residential installation project in the fall of 2018, named “Fire Falls”, due to the intense 10′ waterfall feature and fire line base. As you approach the house you are greeted by a paved-stone driveway that incorporates patterns not found in your typical landscape. As you walk into the backyard, the imported travertine tile pavers provide a rustic, yet elegant, ambiance. The stone quickly turns to IPE decking as you approach the backyard gathering area. Straight ahead your eye will quickly move to the large “Fire Fall” feature that demands your attention. The grades throughout the backyard are challenging, but with the well-placed and aesthetically-pleasing concrete walls, you hardly notice the property is built into a hillside. The back patio features imported travertine which also faces the steps leading onto the lush, natural grass lawn area. Off to your right, you will notice a full, outdoor kitchen including a sink and barbecue – perfect for those warm summer nights. You’ll also be drawn to the hillside where a decomposed granite walkway leads up to a small patio, providing views of the local lake. Everything about this project invites you to relax and enjoy the smells of our native Redwood trees, all while barbecuing up a nice steak. We hope you enjoy the pictures of this project and it inspires you to create your own outdoor oasis.