Marina VA Hospital Project

The VA project took place over the course of 3 years. There were many challenges and in the end, it came out amazing. Some of the features of this project include the following:

  • Relocate (10) Mature Cypress Trees that were located in the proposed building footprint, some of the trees were over 30′ tall. The operation included building boxes around each tree, some 15’x15′ in size and moving the trees to their new location on site with an 80-ton crane. The operation was very exciting and risky with the project arborist giving the trees a 30% survival chance. After the three year project, we had only lost 2 of the trees which gave us a 80% survival, great job to the K&D team.
  • 2-Wire irrigation system. The smart irrigation system we installed utilized brand new technology, we installed a weather station on site so that the controller can self-adjust due to site conditions and soil moisture. The system was 100% drip irrigated with no overhead sprays. Combining all this technology with our award-winning team we were able to install over 100,000 square feet of landscaping utilizing minimal amounts of water.
  • We installed over 100 large granite boulders in the landscaped areas surrounding the building. Utilizing this esthetic approach we were able to meet and surpass the security requirements for this government facility. It required large equipment and very skilled operators but we set and installed all of the boulders without any damage to freshly poured concrete.
  • Native Planting. This project consisted of all native and drought-tolerant planting. Many landscapes are now moving to native but to have a project of this size be 100% Drought tolerant was a huge feat.
  • Bio-Retention Soil Import. We imported thousands of tons of bio-retention soil and installed it in the parking lot islands. The entire site drains into these bio-retention areas which filter the stormwater and replenishes our aquifers.

We entered this project into the California Landscape Contractors Association Central Coast Chapter Awards show last year and won a 1st place for in our division!