Electrical systems aren’t typically the first thing people think of when they consider a landscape design. However, electrical considerations play an important role if you plan to entertain or have outdoor family functions regularly. It is especially important for special events, such as hosting a wedding or a family reunion. Electrical systems provide for lighting, cooking and bartending so they are important to entertaining.

Electrical lighting is also a way to showcase your home and provide security, so some thought should be placed into it. There are two types of lighting:

  • Structural lighting
  • Landscape lighting

Structural Lighting

This includes lighting on doors, statues, fountains, pools, outdoor fireplaces, flagpoles, the front of your home and backyard structures like cabanas, pergolas, and gazebos. There are many options within the category that provide safety, security and interest.

All lighting isn’t white. You can use colored lighting for certain areas to add interest or for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas. Some of these items are uplit while others can be lit from above. Other hardscaping lighting includes LED tape which are strands of energy efficient lights, and wall lanterns.

Landscape Lighting

There are many options within this category. Lighting can be used on front and back yard paths and sidewalks, on trees, shrubs, and entertaining areas. There are different ways to use electrical lighting in landscaping including adding visual interest, promoting safety, and providing light for entertaining.

Promoting visual interest can be done inexpensively with selecting a stylish sidewalk or pathway light. You can even combine styles for more visual appeal. These little lights also promote safety as people walk around your property.

Where you place lighting affects visual interest in a major way as well as provide light for safety and to entertain. Moon lighting is an artificial way of providing light from height. Landscape designers do it by placing lights high in trees or on eaves and moon lighting offers indirect light with lots of shadows to look natural. Uplighting, placing lights on the ground to glow up, is a good way to showcase a prominent feature like a tree or shrub area.

Cool and warm lighting offers two ways to enhance outdoor spaces. Cool lighting is more blue while warm lighting is more like candlelight. Many people combine the two for balance.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

Electrical systems sometimes get overlooked in outdoor areas because most people use a grill to cook. However, those who are planning an outdoor kitchen or bar need full service electricity to really function in it. Electricity is needed for appliances like mixers, blenders and margarita machines, among other things. You will need electricity if you plan to have a garbage disposal or small refrigerator on the deck.

Planning an Electrical System

Installing electricity as part of your landscaping plan requires thought and possibly an architect. You need to decide how you will use it over the years and throughout seasons, from holiday lights to summer cookouts. Mark down areas you would like to highlight and spots that people need help spotting to walk. A professional can then map out the wattage and lines you will need to make your dream happen. In some cases, an additional electrical box may be needed to satisfy building codes and make everything work correctly.

With the right landscaper and an electrical professional, incorporating electricity into your landscaping will put a shine on your personality as well as your property.

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