Homeowners are realizing that their outdoor spaces can be just as beautiful as their home’s interior rooms. One way to add some warm ambiance to your backyard is to add an interesting and practical fire feature. These ingenious features can bring people together for quiet conversations and perhaps a roasted marshmallow or two.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is one of the most popular fire features that can be made from many different materials. Typically, a brick, stone, cement, metal or other material is used to build the central portion. These can be circular like a campfire, or they can be other shapes. The center will have the fire source. This can be wood, gas, propane or even electric. Create an intimate area with seating. Fire pits are often crafted to be used as another cooking source for campfire favorites like hot dogs and s’mores.

Fire Rocks

Instead of wood, fire rocks can be used as a fuel source in fireplaces and fire pits. A fireplace can also be created with this lava rock from volcanoes. This can include pumice stone. When used instead of the typical brick and mortar, the heat generated will reflect the heat rather than absorb it like other materials do.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are another favorite fire feature. These are much like a fire pit, but they can be moved if necessary. These are made from heat resistant ceramics, metals, stone, brick or other material. Many are round, but they can be made in different shapes. These can be big or small, making them an excellent choice for smaller patios, balconies or backyard spaces.


Outdoor fireplaces are currently becoming popular. These are often made from various stones, bricks, cement and lined with heat/fire resistant material. The fire sources can be wood, natural gas, propane and electric. Often, these are part of an outdoor kitchen area, but they can stand alone as a gorgeous outdoor focal point where everyone will naturally gather round when the air becomes chilly. A plus is that food can be roasted over the flames.


A chiminea is like a wood stove. These are generally made of iron or other metal with an interior portion designed to hold the fire. Charcoal and wood are common fire sources, but newer models can use propane, natural gas or even electric instead. A bonus of a chiminea is that the smoke will rise up through the top pipe keeping smoke away from guests.

Fire Tables

Fire tables are now trending all across the country. These can be custom built to fit into a specific space, or they can be bought already made. These stunning fire features offer a usable table space with a central heating source. These are made of natural stones, hardwoods, metals, glass and other materials as the customer desires. They can be oval, square, rectangular or circular. Some are even crafted into hexagons for a contemporary look. These are wonderful options, and they work on a small patio or balcony, by a pool or in a larger space.

Fire Columns

Individuals that live in townhouses, apartments and small homes with tiny sized patios or outdoor spots often select a fire column. These can be like a tube that has fire from within lighting the top. They can be rectangular or other shapes too. Since these fire features are narrower, they can fit nicely into tighter outdoor locations.

Installing a fire feature can add visual interest and promote a welcoming atmosphere that draws everyone closer.

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