Spruce up your lawn with simple outdoor, low voltage lighting.

There are lamps of all colors and sizes available to outdoors. There is surely something for everyone when it comes to outdoor lighting. Some lights are buried in the ground like a pole, some lights are mounted on buildings, and lights can even be patterned on each side of a driveway. The places that lights can go outside are nearly limitless. Since these lights are going to be on all night, it is important for these lights to use as little electricity as possible.

Path Lights

Path lights are extremely useful and come in a variety of designs. They resemble miniature street lights and provide a similar service. These are extremely useful for long drive ways. This is especially true if there is not enough light in between the street and your house. Adding path lights not only do yourself a huge service, your friends will thank you for making your drive way much easier to navigate. Path lights do not only have to be limited to drive ways. They can go in any place that is frequently traveled. They can even be put up as decoration. Their lamp style design is perfect to add a little something to the design of your landscape.

Deck Lights

Deck lights are generally small, globe like lights. They go along the edges of your deck to provide some much needed light in a often occupied part of your home. These lights come in a variety of colors and designs, but as previously mentioned, generally they are globe like structures that can be mounted on the bottom or the top of a deck or porch banister.

Well Lights

These lights are called well lights because they resemble an old fashioned well. They are round with a light in the center. These lights shoot their beams straight up, making them perfect to sit along a line of trees or a wall, illuminating an entire area. These lights are available in a large range of designs. Like the path light, these lights are some of the best when it comes to decoration. The way they illuminate, it almost looks as if their is no source for the light at all. Your well light will simply illuminate whatever it is pointed at. Well lights can even be partially buried, making the source of the light even more difficult to see.

Flood Lights

These are some of the brightest low voltage lights you can find. In fact, they come in a variety of intensities. Each flood light is intended to illuminate a large area. If you are looking for the most light for your dollar, these are a great option. While it is true that these lights aren’t as decorative as other outdoor low voltage lights, they do certainly get the job done. KnD Landscaping is able to provide residential owners with everything they desire when it comes to flood lights.

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