Masonry Creates Unique Landscape Design

People may not immediately turn to masonry when they consider landscape design. Yet, masonry can add character to outdoor spaces as well as provide a great entertaining area. Masonry is used to construct outdoor fireplaces, decks around pools and hot tubs, patios, as well as outdoor kitchens and bars.

Masonry products provide a clean, mud-free, low-maintenance space to entertain, have outdoor family meals and enjoy the pool. The type of products you use to create your space depends on your specific style, as well as your budget and the amount of estimated time it takes to complete the project.

There are several types of masonry products to consider when looking at this type of design. Each has its advantages and most offer different colors and styles, so choices are virtually endless.

Flagstone is incredibly versatile in landscaping. It comes in different colors, thickness and shapes. Flagstone is often used in things like pathways, patios and even walls. It is pretty simple to install because it is thin and flat.

Tile adds a sense of formality to outdoor seating areas. It can come as painted decorative pieces to highlight pools or used as artistic focal points in walls or patios. Tiles, available in many colors, can also be used for patios either as flooring or for seating. Tiles durability and heat resistance make it an excellent choice for pool areas.

Concrete for landscape design is trending today for several reasons. It is affordable, fairly easy to install and versatile. Concrete can be used for pathways, patios, pool walkways, seating areas, but it can also be used for counter tops in outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor kitchens have hit a popularity high in modern landscape design, especially in areas that have good weather most of the year. Outdoor kitchens keep guests out of your home and allow you the chance to mingle with them while preparing food. It also makes cooking outside easier because you have a sink with running water, storage spaces, proper cooling equipment, and a larger grill that can accommodate bigger parties. Many people add a bar to their outdoor kitchen space to liven up events.

Pavers are an excellent alternative to concrete because they add creativity to your landscape design. They come in many styles to suit any look, like bricks, river rocks and natural stone. Pavers are environmentally friendly, water resistant and are more durable than concrete. They can be installed on top of existing concrete and, since they come in smaller sections, pavers are easy to replace. They are low maintenance as well.

Veneer pavers are the new hit product in landscape design. These are typically used to repair pool and patio surfaces that have cracked concrete or other aesthetic issue. They are thinner than traditional pavers and can be installed over current patio or pool deck materials. That makes them an affordable and less complicated landscaping option.

There are a wealth of options for you to consider when planning your landscape design. While they all have different advantages, the end result will always be a gorgeous outdoor space where you can entertain and have quality family time throughout the year.

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