Water Enhances Every Natural Landscape

Water is an ideal element to add to any landscape. Water features vary from waterfalls to fountains and appear in many types of homes, such as townhouses, apartments and country homes. Here are several ways to incorporate these features into a scenic, natural landscape.

Water Features

If you could look into people’s backyards, you’ll find a wide range of water features. There are different costs and materials involved along with several benefits and disadvantages of using each feature. The types of water features that our K&D professionals make include:

  • Rock Waterfalls
  • Stone Fountains
  • Koi Ponds
  • Pool and Jacuzzi Features

Rock Waterfalls

Everyone likes the soothing sights and sounds of waterfalls. Not everyone lives next to an exotic waterfall, though. Many people settle with man-made waterfalls that is installed in their backyards. Some waterfalls are made to look as natural as possible and made with real rocks or boulders. Other waterfalls are made with artificial rocks, and the water is pumped out of jets.

Stone Fountains

Stone fountains are decorative sources of water that are mainly known as birdbaths. The fountains are made of stone or concrete that is carved in various designs. Some fountains have waterspouts that shoot water into the air, while others have sculptures that resemble people or animals. Our landscapers specialize in installing fountains on different residential properties.

Koi Ponds

Ponds, lakes and rivers make all landscapes more popular. More people are attracted to yards that contain koi ponds. We help you to create this feature and include as many koi and other aquatic wildlife as you want.

Build a pond that is either all natural or artificially made. Many pond owners install pumps or filters underwater to clean pond water that is often covered with sludge or debris. Pond owners can also add lily pads or plants.

Pool and Jacuzzi Features

Installing a pool requires the help of a pond builder, but the work doesn’t stop right after the installation. Nowadays, people do not own plain-looking pools that lack personalities. Call in one of our landscapers to design the pool’s surroundings, which may include a waterfall or fountain. An outdoor Jacuzzi can also be fitted with water jets or landscape rocks.

Water Conservation

It’s important that your water features are efficient, so they should not consume more water than necessary. K&D landscapers make sure that your yard is attractive without draining the resources of your water system. Water conservation is a major concern for our company. We care about keeping the costs down on your water bill and working to conserve the integrity of the environment.

Water features enhance the look of every natural landscape. Some homeowners enjoy listening to the soothing sounds of waterfalls, while some pool owners want an exotic jungle look added to the yard. You can install the water features into your own yard; however, it’s more effective to contact our services to get the work done. Our K&D Landscaping experts are prepared to work on any residential property.

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