Gardening and landscaping go hand and hand but having the right tool in your hand can make all the difference. Whether you’re prepping a summer herb garden bed, pruning back perennials or removing dead shrubs, safety and efficiency will be ensured by using the right equipment for the job. Get to the bottom of it and dig out these landscaping tools to make sure your collection is complete.


Available in a range of shapes and sizes, the shovel is an essential piece within a landscaper’s repertoire. From digging holes to planting bigger bushes and plants, the shovel will be your go-to tool in the shed. Make sure to choose one with a handle that is appropriate to your height to avoid back strain.


A trowel is used for smaller planting and digging and ideal for potted flowers or vegetables. Acting as a mini-shovel, its another must-have for your garden toolbox.


Similar in appearance to scissors, pruners will help trim away at small branches and twigs or clean up dead flower heads.


If your pruners just aren’t cutting it, it may be because it’s a job for the loppers! With longer handles for better leverage and larger blades, loppers are designed to cut branches that are too thick for the pruners.


Trim back bushes cleaner than Edward Scissorhands with a sharp set of shears. Besides pruning shrubs and hedges, these extra-large scissors are useful for sculpting and cutting multiple branches with a single snip.

Digging Fork

Loosen and sift through soil with this helpful garden utensil. Compared to the shovel, the digging fork can break apart stubborn dirt clumps and is great for turning compost. If your garden tools budget allows, springing for a rototiller can help save your back here.

Garden Rake

With spring quickly approaching, the garden rake will soon be making a regular appearance. This tool assists with cultivating soil, seeding prep, can level out mulch or even be used to till up thatch from your grass, just to name a few.

Leaf Rake

Leaves aren’t the only thing rakes can clean up from your yard. A leaf rake is also useful for getting any other debris or dead foliage out from your landscape beds and lawns.

Garden Hose

Don’t get hosed by opting for a cheap product, invest in a quality-rubber watering coil and it will last for years to come. Pair it with a heavy duty, multi-setting spray nozzle and hosing your garden will be a breeze. Be sure to store the hose away from extreme weather conditions… or teething puppies!


A wheelbarrow can serve a multitude of functions for your backyard tasks. From hauling around all the above tools, to lugging dirt piles, moving firewood, and transporting large plants, the wheelbarrow makes heavy loads seem light.

It doesn’t take the sharpest tool in the shed to know a charming outdoor space requires routine maintenance and upkeep. Build your landscaping depot with the above arsenal and you’ll be able to handle just about any home project with ease.