When you want to enhance the quality of your property, it’s important to spend time improving the exterior to create a space where you can entertain your guests. Designing an entertaining outdoor space will allow you to spend more time outside and host parties throughout the year. When you’re ready to start the project, there are a few ways to design an appealing and comfortable space with various materials and features used.

Create a Cabana

Whether you have a pool outside or you want your guests to relax, a cabana will allow your family and friends to lounge around in a comfortable setting. A cabana offers privacy when you want to sit or lay outside on upholstered patio furniture. Features like pillows and poufs add extra comfort options for you and your guests. The cabana can include sheer curtains that block the sun without affecting the view of the backyard.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity in many California homes. One reason for this is the flexibility outdoor kitchens provide.  Outdoor kitchens allow hosts to entertain in the backyard every season. In addition, the chef can enjoy the party and cool summer breeze alongside the party guests instead of stuck in a humid kitchen.

Install a built-in grill with a mini-fridge where you can store beverages and different types of ingredients as you prepare the food. The kitchen can also include plenty of countertop space for prepping food. In addition, homeowners can include a bar to really give their party guests an amazing experience.

Add a dining table outdoors underneath a patio cover where your guests can spend time eating outdoors and can enjoy the surrounding view next to the kitchen. A table that can withstand the environmental elements in each season can be used long-term and will allow you to host large dinner parties after cooking the meal.

Add a Chalkboard Menu

If you’re reading this, you probably love to entertain. Give your next dinner party a fun twist by adding a chalkboard to your outdoor kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to create a custom menu for your party. The chalkboard will allow your guests to stay informed on the different types of food that will be served. Not to mention, clean-up is easy when all one needs to do is wipe off the board for a clean slate.

Use a Projector Screen

A projector screen will prove to be useful for hosting moving nights in the backyard, which can allow you to invite dozens of friends over in the evening. You can lay blankets on the grass and put out a few patio chairs to host both children and adults. Take advantage of your outdoor kitchen to create a pizza movie night. Your friends and family will love being able to make personal pizzas while they watch their favorite movie under the stars.

If you don’t have a projector, you can make your own screen using PVC pipes and a white sheet. Add a few side tables where your guests can place their bowls of popcorn and drinks while watching the latest blockbuster film.

Add Fire Features

Fire features add a touch of warmth to backyard settings. They allow you to have a place to gather around and share conversation with your guests. Fire features include bonfires where you can roast s’mores and stay warm at night when the temperatures drop. Add a seating around the fire pit to stay cozy and enhance the quality of the setting.

Tiki torches in the backyard can also illuminate the exterior setting and can ward off mosquitoes and gnats. They work well when lining the perimeter of the backyard and will contribute to the theme of your outdoor event.

Create Shaded Areas

Creating shaded areas on the property is necessary to ensure that your guests stay comfortable. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a nice shady area to sit and relax in. A pergola will prove to be useful and will mimic the design of a cabana. Roof extensions and trellises are also ideal. They offer a cool area for guests to lounge. Pergolas are known to provide both sun and shade. In addition, their roof extensions completely block the sun. Trellises are known to provide a high level of privacy and look beautiful with plants that grow up the structure.

Use Proper Lighting

When your guests are having a good time, you can expect to have proper lighting available to ensure that the space is illuminated at night. String lights can be hung across a patio cover and will look whimsical. Lanterns can also hang from the trees in the backyard and will contribute to the design of the yard. You can also add solar lights on pathways to make it easy to navigate the property and reduce your energy usage. Candles can even be placed on the tables to ward off bugs and illuminate the space.

Designing a beautiful outdoor space will prove to be useful when you want to invite friends over and create new memories without having to leave the property. With the right steps taken, you can enhance the quality of the setting. Your guests will feel at home the moment they arrive.