Our Story

Thirty-four years ago, K&D Landscaping was just getting its wheels on the ground. With a pickup truck and a lawn mower, there was a steep journey ahead of this husband and wife team. Through persistence, dedication, and a wheel barrel full of passion, K&D has developed and grown into a successful and booming landscape company here on the Central Coast. Covering land from Carmel Valley to Scotts Valley, K&D has reached the lives of many happy and satisfied individuals across the area.

team photo

Today, with over thirty years behind them, and a much larger team, K&D continues to provide the upmost professional service, while creating beautiful and functional Commercial and Residential outdoor living. Not only has their team grown, but so has their family.

All three children now operate K&D, and have grown to be the new ambassadors of the community. With pride that runs deep, this family owned, and operated company is paving a new path in the industry. K&D was founded on six core values that are the backbone to this dedicated team; Professionalism, Teamwork, Humility, Hunger, Safety, and Respect. These core values have not only helped the company grow and succeed, they have also helped the community shine. Through collaborations with organizations and schools, K&D is giving back to the people and youth one month at a time. K&D is dedicated to providing the community and surrounding area with the highest quality service in the industry. They are setting a new standard in the industry and what it means to be a landscape company on the Central Coast.

Proudly serving the Central Coast 30 years