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An architect designed your building, but what about the landscape? When it comes to obtaining an outdoor masterpiece that artfully frames your place of business, K&D Landscaping has you covered. With professional expertise spanning back 35 years, we can create a commercial landscape installation that goes far beyond what is offered by your routine lawn mowing company. Having a dedicated estimating team, we turn around bids quickly and from there the project is managed by a matured crew of project managers, supervisors and foremen. With projects ranging from $5000 to $1.5 million, we specialize in public works and prevailing wage compliant jobs, single and multi-family builds, shopping centers and business park developments.

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What safety measures are involved?

In many ways, commercial landscape installation projects mimic construction sites, and we take the same precautions as builders. One example of these safety measures is ensuring we always have at least one CPR certified and one OSHA-10 certified team member on the project site at all times.

We adhere by strict Covid-19 protocols including social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks.

“Safety” is one of our six core values that are lived by every employee here at K&D. It is topic at every morning meeting and reiterated throughout continued training.

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Does K&D maintain the landscape after the project is over?

Depending on the scope of work, your project will include an establishment period of 30-90 days. This ensures the plant material has the best chance of long term survival. K&D offers long term guarantees on projects we install and maintain, so we recommend hiring our maintenance team for commercial landscape maintenance sustainability.

Let us help you with your next commercial landscape installation

When you need true professionals to make your commercial landscape look like a million dollars in Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley, K&D Landscaping is here to help. We are happy to talk with you on the phone about any questions. We can give you a better idea of what we can offer with a free consultation. To get started, give us a call today. We look forward to meeting you in person or in video chat and thank you in advance for choosing us. K&D Landscaping, INC your commercial landscape installation experts!

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Professional Commercial Landscaping Tips

Commercial Landscape Design

  • Bringing your vision to life
  • Collaboration between the Owner, Architect, and Installation contractor is the key to a successful and cost-efficient project
  • Understanding local conditions to ensure your new living environment thrives
  • Seasoned professionals that understand the process and will ensure a seamless transition from concept to installation
  • Working within your budget to create a beautiful landscape and developing site-specific strategies to make your dollar go further