Commercial Landscape Design

  • Bringing your vision to life
  • Collaboration between the Owner, Architect, and Installation contractor is the key to a successful and cost-efficient project
  • Understanding local conditions to ensure your new living environment thrives
  • Seasoned professionals that understand the process and will ensure a seamless transition from concept to installation
  • Working within your budget to create a beautiful landscape and developing site-specific strategies to make your dollar go further
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Commercial Landscape Installation

An architect designed your building, but what about the landscape? When it comes to obtaining an outdoor masterpiece to artfully frame your place of business for clients, K&D Landscaping is a commercial landscaping company that can address the unique needs of your corporate headquarters. Professional services that include commercial landscape installation go far beyond what is offered at your usual routine lawn mowing services. Instead, our projects often include installing sculptures and other features that give your corporate headquarters a look that sets you apart from the rest. To get a better understanding of the types of commercial landscape installation and design we offer our Santa Cruz County and Scotts Valley clients, keep reading.

How much will a consultation cost and what can I expect?

Our initial consult is free and we use this time to listen to our clients’ ideas in order to gather some milestones that can set some expectations. For example, once the client discusses their goals for a project, we can pair those ideas with recommended design options. We also take time to examine the location for potential issues such as erosion control and drainage. Once we have a list of expectations from the client, an estimated budget is given before the initial consultation is closed.

When do I get my final estimated budget or bid?

Once the permits and other legal information has been examined concerning your commercial property, a landscape design project begins to emerge. For example, commercial properties that want to maintain a green image and get tax rebates will need to limit their ideas for plant selection or water features. Once the labor and other costs are tallied, a project proposal with a commercial landscape design is submitted. If accepted, our company submits a bid to the client to be approved or denied.

Who designs the way the landscape looks?

Although you might see our staff installing your new landscape outside of your office building, you might not notice when our certified designer or licensed architect stop by. This is helpful if you are part of a corporate franchise that already has plans drawn up for you to follow. In these cases where installing commercial landscaping to previously set expectations is absolutely required, we have the team you need. On the other hand, if you have no idea where to get started, our team will help you get the look you want with a professional touch.

What about landscape lighting and design?

We are working closely with manufacturers regularly to give you the latest choices in the landscape lighting products available. We can also create one-of-a-kind landscape lighting and design features to meet your unique goals. This means from electrical outlet installation to design, we have you completely covered.

Can you address the drainage issues on the property?

In addition to making a property look artistically designed, we are also experts at the difficult areas of outdoor landscape irrigation. This can include other issues as well concerning water drainage problems and erosion. We also cover complicated issues involving property surveys. In some cases, we will consult with sewage or sanitation professionals. We also have the unique team of landscaping professionals you need for creating greener properties.

Will the property owners need to be involved or on-site during the project?

In the age of smartphones, most of our work can be recorded and sent to our clients in real time. We can also communicate during the project with FaceTime. Alternatively, in many instances, corporate entities that hire us are not locally available and have minimal project interaction. Whether you are in-town or halfway around the world, we can help you address your level of involvement needs. For example, some companies require that all projects on the property are supervised by one of their employees. In other instances, property owners want to shadow the project because they like outdoor landscaping and want to see us in action.

What safety measures are involved?

In many ways, commercial landscape installation projects mimic construction sites, and we take the same precautions as builders. For example, before digging into the earth at all, we start the project by calling 811 to locate any underground utilities. Once we know we are safe to dig, we use the highest standards for safety in order to comply with OSHA. We also have our own professional code of safety ethics that keeps our insurance rates at their lowest.

Does K&D maintain the landscape after the project is over?

For the first 30 days after your commercial landscape installation, we give our clients a free maintenance package. Afterwards, if you feel our services are what you expect and are comfortable with, we can continue doing the commercial landscape maintenance on the property for the agreed-upon amount.

What if I decide I need a revision after the project has started?

If you are checking in on the project while it is in progress and feel it is not as expected, we are happy to help. It is normal for projects to evolve during the installation. For this reason, we like to check in once a week during the project phase. This can give you an opportunity to suggest changes or revisions that will increase the satisfaction you have with our project outcome.

Let us help you with your next commercial landscape installation

When you need true professionals to make your commercial landscape look like a million dollars in Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley, K&D Landscaping is here to help. We are happy to talk with you on the phone about any questions. We can give you a better idea of what we can offer with a free consultation. To get started, give us a call today. We look forward to meeting you in person or in video chat, and thank you in advance for choosing us. K&D Landscaping, INC your commercial landscape installation experts!