Recap of the 2022 Central Coast Water Management Summit

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"California Water Restrictions" Webinar 6/28/22
"I Can't Water My Lawn, Now What" Webinar 8/18/22
"Irrigation Upgrades, What's in the Budget?" Webinar 9/27/22

What is "Water Management"...?

The California water shortage has quickly become one of the top concerns of our team and our clients. With water rates continuing to skyrocket, restrictions going into place and fines for non-compliance, we have committed to investing in a water management solution to benefit our community. The K&D Landscaping family has been hard at work developing this new service that will revolutionize how our industry handles irrigation and water use.

With our technology-centric, proactive approach to managing the irrigation water applied to your property’s landscape, we are able to save you water which in turn will save you money. The best part of this new offering is that the health of your landscape is not comprised in the process.

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Why: To reduce water-use of landscaped properties and recharge our local aquifers. California has reached a breaking point with our water supply. We understand at K&D that if we don’t do something about the way we manage water today, that in just a few generations we could be in a potentially dire situation.

What: Water Management is a recurring monthly service that reduces the amount of water and cost required to maintain a healthy and vigorous landscape.

How: We create an aggressive, monthly water budget for your landscaped areas and manage your system to stay within that budget. Based on a proprietary process that ensures you don’t use any more water than necessary to produce and maintain your landscape, the budget stays in line with local restrictions. Once the budget is in place, we utilize Wi-Fi enabled controllers, flow sensors and master valves to monitor and manage your irrigation use based on real-time weather data.

Irrigation and Water Management Services

Many clients have asked if this is something their maintenance company is already providing. The answer is that maintenance contracts typically have a controller adjustment included but lack a comprehensive and proactive solution to reduce your water use. Here is a list of items included within our water management program that are usually not included with your current maintenance contract:

  • Weekly controller adjustments to ensure you are always providing just the right amount of water and staying within local restrictions
  • Sprinkler adjustments included in the monthly cost
  • Leak detection monitoring *(Master valve, flow sensor, smart controller required)
  • Annual water audit report and improvement recommendations
  • Monthly site-specific inspections with detailed reporting and a budget vs. actual reports so you know how the month went now instead of waiting for that water bill to come
  • Multi-year water-use reduction plan including plant/turf replacement, irrigation retrofits, technology updates, and more
  • Monthly soil moisture inspection by a certified technician to identify areas that are receiving too much or too little water
  • Site irrigation maps with locations of key components and square footage totals
  • Pro-active recommendations for improvements and system upgrades
  • Dedicated K&D Water Manager
  • A spokesperson with a water agency to represent your site’s irrigation water usage and avoid fines
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Additional Services

  • Repairs
  • Assessments
  • Leak detection
  • Creating water budgets
  • Rebate tracking & application assistance
  • Audits
  • Irrigation consultations


K&D Water Management will be visiting the site weekly to check your water meters and soil moisture to ensure all landscaping is not getting over watered as well as check for breaks that may be resulting in water waste. You will receive a detailed audit that shows where improvements and recommendations could help save water on site. Also included is a water budget to make sure the location is in compliance with local water restrictions.

K&D Landscaping has been assisting in your irrigation needs but Water Management is taking a proactive approach in managing your water. It will be on site weekly to help reduce time on your irrigation controller to make sure your landscape is getting just the right amount of water based on the plant’s needs. Water Management will have a certified technician to ensure that you are saving water in your monthly budget and utilizing all the latest technology to do this.

K&D Water Management uses the last 12 months of your water usage to determine a baseline of water use. We then create a landscape water budget to based off of the current plant palette to show what the amount of water is needed. We then use that budget to help create a detailed action plan of reducing water usage.

The service varies in price depending on the size and location of the site, however for our existing clients with a signed 1 year contract we will offer 6 months free. If you are not happy with the first 6 months of service then you are free to cancel without any obligation.

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California State Water Laws & Drought Restrictions

Is your landscaping water system abiding by the state’s current water laws? Are you at risk of fines for non-compliance concerning new drought restrictions? Here is a list of current statewide restrictions regarding landscape water use:

  • Applying water to outdoor landscapes that causes runoff onto adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, private and public walkways, roadways, parking lots, or structures
  • Applying water to outdoor landscapes during and within 48 hours after measurable rainfall (0.25 inches)
  • Irrigating outside of new construction without drip or microspray systems
  • Irrigating landscape between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.*

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In addition to state laws, each water district may have its own set of additional regulations and rules.
Find your local district below to ensure water is being managed properly on your property and discover which landscaping improvements are eligible for rebates in your area.

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