Community Beautification Projects

  • Pajaro Valley Shelter Services
  • Rio Del Mar Elementary School
  • UCSC Arboretum alongside other members of the CLCA Central Coast
  • New School Community Day Senior High School
  • Bear Creek Community Center Tool Shed
  • Siena House Maternity Home
  • Rolling Hills Middle School-Garden
  • Aptos Village Park
  • Pajaro Valley Historical Association-Bockius-Orr House
  • Santa Cruz Animal Shelter
  • Rodger's House @ Santa Cruz Co. Fair Irrigation
  • Bradley Elementary School Installation
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Camphill Communities Patio
  • FoodWhat?! at New School Community Day Garden Re-vamp
  • Duncan Holbert School
  • Willowbrook County Park
  • Aptos Hidden Beach Park
  • Natural Bridges High School Garden Irrigation
  • Linscott Charter School Stump Grinding for Dedication Benches
  • New School Community Day Dedication Garden
  • Leo's Haven Full access Playground Design Phase
  • Veterans Transitional Center in Marina
  • A Child's Garden Daycare Tree Removal
  • Santa Cruz Co. Fair Auction Dinner and Plant Donation
  • Serve the Bay- Twin Lakes Clean Up Day
  • American Legion Post in Watsonville
  • Diamond Tech School Beautification

Here at K&D Landscaping, our team lives the K&D Core Values, especially hunger. The K&D team possess a hunger for landscaping and a desire to improve the appearance of the local community. We define hunger as having the desire and dedication to go above and beyond what is expected for landscaping and improving the appearance of our local community. The idea of sharing this hunger with our local community was sparked by an office conversation in late 2016. Then we began thinking of ways to engage the community, especially the youth, and how to put these ideas into actions. As a result, our team came up with the ongoing Community Beautification Project.

At first it was an ambitious goal, but we set a goal to perform one beautification project per quarter, that’s four per year. Once the word spread about the new campaign, there was an overwhelming response of nominations. We have focused these projects on non-profit organizations and local schools that are in need of landscape improvements. According to K&D CEO, Justin White, “Getting to see the faces of the people this benefits after the project is complete makes our whole team smile!” K&D encourages all team members to give back and volunteer in the community as part of living the company’s Core Values. They understand the time and financial hardships it can create, so to help everyone participate, their employees are still compensated for their work on these projects even though K&D does not receive any revenue from it. “It is something we are very proud to be able to do,” says White.

The projects have made an impact on countless sites throughout the Santa Cruz county area. From historical houses, to women and children shelters, to vegetable garden boxes at elementary schools, and even county parks, the team at K&D strongly believes in giving back to the community that has given so much to them for the past 33 years of business. A beautiful landscape is always refreshing to see & can easily make a community members day brighter or better.

K&D’s Aptos Village Park Community Beautification took their typical beautification to the next level by installing drought tolerant plants, a rock retaining wall and providing increased sustainability to the park. Aptos Village Park was in need of these major improvements due to erosion issues and outdated landscaping. There was also an insufficient irrigation system which was wasting water that has now been updated.

One of the largest beautification projects K&D has been fortunate enough to sponsor was the Chanticleer Park, or better known as “Leo’s Haven,” in Live Oak. Justin, himself, provided countless hours of volunteer time to complete the project. He was able to leverage the resources of K&D along with eight other landscape companies by donating materials to make the park a reality!

Project Evergreen

Here at K&D we have a passion for Landscaping and the improving great outdoors. The idea of sharing this passion with our community sparked a conversation in the office in late 2016. We began thinking of ways to engage our community, especially the youth, and put these ideas into actions. During one of our staff meetings, the team came up with the idea of a monthly community beautification project.

Though we thought it a bit ambitious, we set a goal right then and there to perform one beautification project per quarter. The nominations came flooding in once word spread about our new campaign. We have focused on non-profit’s and local schools that need landscape improvements; seeing the faces of those affected makes our whole team proud. As we start out 2019, we are taking a minute to reflect on the success of our program in 2018 and celebrate all the amazing people and organizations that made it possible; we cannot wait for what this year has in store for our community!