Award Winning for 30 Years!

June 2016

”The California Landscape Contractors Association sponsors the Trophy Awards to encourage interest in landscaping, recognize crafts people who produce outstanding landscapes, create pride in superior workmanship and to bestow public recognition on companies, institutions, municipalities and residents for their interest in a beautiful California.”

Every year our team submits a chosen few projects to be judged in the California Landscape Contractors Association awards celebration. These projects have stood out among the rest for a number of reasons and are entered to be judged. This year we registered three different properties in different areas of our expertise; Small Commercial Installation, Large Commercial Installation, and Public Works Installation. We won first place in all three, and it was such a proud moment for our whole team! Our clients are the backbone of our company and to get awarded with First Place trophies is an extreme honor and truly gratifying.

Award Winning for 30 Years