Not even your irrigation system can last forever, over time you’ll need to eventually replace it. For example, if your watering system was installed a number of years ago or have changed your lawn’s layout, your system may not be functioning at full capacity, like it should. Your system could also be wasting water which could put a serious dent in your water bills. To help avoid these kinds of problems, follow our guide below to learn when you should upgrade irrigation system.

How To Decide When to Upgrade

Most watering systems that are at least five years old should be upgraded or at least inspected by a reputable landscape company in Monterey or Santa Cruz County. With new technologies on the rise, you may want to take advantage of new upgrades that are available to you. Below, are the most common signs that you should upgrade your system:
– You increased your lawn area
– You added a new lawn feature that can cause drainage
– You recently added a new garden
– You have noticed dead spots in your lawn
– You recently replaced old plants with new ones that require different watering restrictions
– Your lawn has become infested with fungi or insects
– Your water bill is too high

What Upgrades Should You Make?

There are plenty of upgrades at your disposal to outfit your system with, such as soil monitor sensors, rain shut-off devices, and smart controllers. Soil monitor sensors can help prevent you from over watering your lawn by measuring the current moisture level in your yard. Rain shutoff devices can help turn off your system when it’s raining outside to prevent over watering. Smart controllers help decide when and how much to water your yard with weather sensors planted in your lawn. The sensors also measure humidity, precipitation, wind, and UV radiation to determine how much water to give your lawn as well.

Upgrading your system does not need to be a long or costly process. You may be able to see huge benefits from smaller upgrades like:

– Optimizing spray head location for water efficiency
– Replacing old and worn out heads and nozzles
– Finding and fixing small leaks
– Installation of new heads or nozzles that provide something different like a height, spray pattern, or style
– Section off different zones with unique watering needs
Contact a landscape company in Santa Cruz County to determine what fixes are best for your project. Learn more on why you should be investing in your landscape – click here to learn more. 

What are the Benefits of an Upgrade?

Upgrading your current watering system can make your lawn more sustainable and cut down on major water costs. Plus, having a smart controller can help your yard think for itself. For example, the controller can easily be programmed for different watering days or the different soil types your lawn may have. It can even save up to 70 percent of water usage. In addition, soil monitor sensors can save you an additional 40 percent off your water bill, according to recent studies. Even though the upgrade may be expensive, it can pay back for itself in less than a year.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade Your Watering System?

Maybe your current irrigation system works alright? Do you really want to spend the hundreds of dollars to upgrade it?
Even though an upgrade may be costly, ranging up to $700, the amount you get back is priceless for the years to come. However, pricing wise, you have to take into account that labor costs can range up to $500. Plus, soil monitor sensors can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000. Before purchasing an upgrade, make sure that you can make the financial commitment to your sprinkler system.

How Can You Save Money?

Upgrading your sprinklers can save you quite a bit of money on your bills, but there are also ways you can save on installation. Fortunately, you can save yourself quite a lot from water rebates from your local utility company. Another way to save money is to have it set up on its own water meter. This way, a landscape company in Santa Cruz County can give you a more precise quote for your commercial landscape design and installation.
Currently, you can get rebates when purchasing qualifying devices when there is funding available. Even though it may not cover the entire price, it can leave you saving hundreds of dollars overall. Below is a list of a few qualifying devices you can use a rebate for:
– Sprinkler Controller
– Lawn Replacement
– Greywater
– Rainwater Harvesting
– Drip Irrigation
– Submeter
– Downspout Redirect
– Hot Water Recirculation System
– Pressure Reducing Valve
– Impervious Hardscape Replacement

Maintaining Your Irrigation System

To upgrade irrigation system is only the first step. You must also perform regular maintenance to keep your system working correctly and efficiently. Here are a few tips to help you out.
Installation and Upgrades:
– Contact a professional landscape company in Santa Cruz County to take care of all your commercial landscape design Santa Cruz, corporate landscaping, and sprinkler system installation needs. This trustworthy landscaper can ensure that your system works properly.
– Set watering timers to go off in the early morning. This will reduce wastewater, fungus growth, and water evaporation rates. Be sure to adjust your settings when conditions like landscaping or seasons change.

Spring Maintenance:

– Audit your watering system. Hire a landscape company in Monterey County to perform a watering audit and run tests to figure out if your lawn is being watered evenly and efficiently. This can help you to find potential problems before they turn into bigger problems.
– Check for signs of wear and tear. Before the summer hits, perform a spring tune-up and check for leaks, broken pieces, and other issues.
– Double check the water pressure. The pressure can change over time and have a negative impact on your sprinkler system. Your water pressure should be somewhere between 40 and 65 PSI.

Growing Season Maintenance:

– During the growing season, you should run another inspection of your system. Check for leaks, clogs, or broken parts. Clean out your clogged screens and filters. Get rid of any obstructions. Adjust the positioning of sprinkler heads. Replace broken parts. Consider hiring a landscape company in Monterey or Santa Cruz County who specializes in corporate landscaping or residential landscaping to run these checks for you.