Apartment Landscape Services

Comprehensive maintenance programs

Why choose us for your commercial landscape maintenance needs?

  • We offer full commercial landscape maintenance programs for all of your projects!
  • We take pride in our professional, punctual, and efficient crew members who provide the highest quality service each and every time they visit.
  • Free consultation and estimate for new and returning customers.
  • We will develop a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plan to fit your schedule. This includes; mowing, pruning, weeding, and blowing, as well as, herbicides and pesticides if needed-for controlling grubs and insects, as well as other microorganisms that can invade your landscape. We use these in a safe manor to protect your plants, pets, and children.
  • We provide irrigation repairs to all types of systems and are proactive in noticing and anticipating needs and problems.
  • A personal guarantee to leave your property looking clean, polished, and healthy!

Key Signs Your Property Requires a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Team

Landscaping Conveys Powerful Messages

Residents of this region appreciate the inspiring beauty of our local area. We live in one of the most scenic regions of California. Lovely Santa Cruz and the surrounding hillsides offer some enchanting panoramic vistas.

Whether you reside in Santa Cruz County or the Scotts Valley area, you’ve probably noticed impressively landscaped grounds here, too! Some property owners use their real estate very effectively to project a desired image. Just like many people “dress for success”, well-maintained lawns and gardens radiate important messages. You can broadcast positive, upbeat vibes simply by keeping your grounds in an attractive, healthy condition.

Landscaping maintenance

A Vital Service

K & D Landscaping, Inc. provides commercial landscaping maintenance services throughout this area. We enjoy a wonderful opportunity to evaluate and compare a wide array of outdoor living environments. (In fact, we help care for many of these remarkable landscapes!)

It brings us enormous satisfaction to help homeowners and businesses optimize the lovely condition of their front entranceways, for instance. A regularly tended yard contributes so much value to fine property. Probably most of us have noticed some stunningly beautiful grounds surrounding homes and commercial facilities here. These places make a powerful, memorable impression on visitors!

Cultivate Your Resources

Do your property’s grounds convey an attractive message? Would retaining the services of a commercial landscape maintenance team help you achieve your vision for your property?

We offer some important lawn and garden services. Today busy property owners frequently lack the time to undertake these projects themselves. We’ll perform the regular, routine maintenance required to keep outdoor areas pristine on a 24/7/365 basis. For instance, you can ask us to undertake any of these assignments:

  • Comprehensive commercial landscaping maintenance
  • Careful mowing and lawn fertilization services
  • Landscaping installation or modification services
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Weeding
  • Fallen leaf and debris collection and removal services
  • Licensed herbicide and pesticide applications
  • Irrigation repair services
  • Developing a long term landscaping care plan designed to meet your property’s unique terrain and landscaping needs
Entrance of Commercial Landscape Maintenance Property
Carmel High School Lawn

Eye-Catching Lawns

Let K & D Landscaping, Inc. perform the meticulous, painstakingly detailed work necessary to transform your property’s exterior into a stunning real estate showcase. Our extensive experience completing landscaping projects in Scotts Valley and the Santa Cruz County has contributed to our excellent reputation. We possess the skills and specialized maintenance tools required to create charming outdoor settings.

Our services enhance a property’s visual impact. Ask our commercial landscape maintenance team to help highlight the most attractive features of your home or business. This effort will increase the satisfaction and enjoyment you obtain from your real estate.

Landscaping Solutions For Difficult Problems

For example, we excel in discovering smart landscaping solutions to persistent problems. Have you encountered challenges because your property includes a steeply sloping hillside? Ask us to help install a delightful new rock garden in this location. We can also build retaining walls and other structures to help redesign “problem” areas within a yard.

Or have you noticed recurring unsightly foliage losses caused by infestations of California oak worms? We’ll employ safe, careful insect control measures to prevent these local pests from stripping away your summer canopy of leaves. We apply chemicals very carefully. We always take precautions to safeguard the well being of children, pets and vegetation.

K & D Landscaping drone shot of a commercial landscape maintenance job
lawn installation monterey

Enjoy Your Real Estate

Our commercial landscape maintenance services assist property owners across Santa Cruz County and the Scotts Valley area. We reside in a very beautiful region. Why not use our landscaping tools to help your household and visitors more fully enjoy your residence and commercial grounds? Property owners in this part of California count on K & D Landscaping, Inc. to help them maximize “curb appeal”.

When you seek the skills of a dedicated commercial landscaping maintenance team, we hope you’ll contact us first. We provide a free initial consultation and estimate as a customer courtesy. Contact us now to explore ways we can assist you in projecting a wonderful property image throughout the year. We have received high praise from many satisfied customers. Call us at 831-728-4018 or simply complete the convenient website inquiry form now!