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3 Major Benefits of Hardscapes

The quality of the yard determines the appeal of the property and how updated the setting looks. Although you may spend a significant amount of time on the landscaping, the hardscape will create a space where you can entertain and lounge outdoors. When considering installing hardscapes, there are a few major benefits of the feature. Whether you need hardscape design in Scotts Valley or hardscape installation in Santa Cruz, K&D Landscaping are the experts that will create the picturesque setting you were dreaming of.

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Hardscape Installation in Monterey and Santa Cruz

Visual Interest

One of the main purposes and benefits of a hardscape design and installation is its ability to add extra visual interest to your Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz area property. The hardscapes break large plots of land and incorporate more detail into the setting to create more dimension. It is known to boost the home’s curb appeal and increase the property value, making it easy to earn more money when it’s time to sell the house.

You can also have extra shade and privacy with covered patios, stone walls or retaining walls when you don’t want your neighbors to have a clear view of your yard. Brick walls can even enclose a courtyard and define separate spaces.

You’ll get the chance to customize the space with different features that can be included with hardscape design and installation. Flagstone will offer a contemporary look that adds a natural element with its neutral color shades.

Outdoor Living Areas

Having K&D Landscaping do your hardscape design and installation will allow you to enjoy spending more time on your outdoor property instead of sitting on the grass. You can invite guests over to entertain when you want to host a barbecue while lounging in patio furniture. The setting can be used for an outdoor kitchen where you can prep food or make use of a rustic pizza oven. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will also allow you to create an area where your family can come together and make conversation in the evenings. You can roast s’mores over the open fire or stay warm near the flames while stargazing. You’ll get the chance to immerse yourself in nature in a luxurious setting that feels like an extension of the inside of your home.

Outdoor Living Designs
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There are a variety of features and materials that can be used in hardscape settings, making it easy to customize the outside of your property and make it your own. Hardscape installation can include the use of pavers, gravel paths, walkways, and built-in seating areas. Using stairs can also allow you to build decks that add a second level to the property and make the patios easy to access.

Ramadas are another popular type of feature that comes with hardscape installation where you can have extra shade. The space is covered by a roof and is known as a cozy area to relax with curtains that can block the sun’s rays. You can use pavers on the ground or flagstone to make the floor aesthetically pleasing and durable for the exterior climate.

The pathways that you create can also lead to other areas of the yard, making it easy to explore the setting. Consider adding an arbor that can be used at the entrance of a garden or patio and will work as the main focal point. Our experiences staff at K&D Landscaping can help turn your outdoor area into a paradise. Contact us now for more information.

Our team can provide you with the advice and assistance needed to create the ideal hardscape design for your Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz Area Commercial Property.

Our skilled installation crews can install your specified paver system. Whether your site design requires paver installation for fire lanes, access roads, erosion and sedimentation control overflow protection, or architectural accent, we have the capacity to install all commercial grade paver systems. Our estimators and Installation crew can assist you in your project hardscape design requirements, further integrating maximum value and versatility into your commercial land development project.