Water Efficient Landscapes

We are pleased to offer alternatives to traditional landscape design and maintenance to keep your property eco-friendly and help do our part in conserving water!

We start by a walk-through of your project and give you options on-site that will work best for your space. We want to hear your ideas as well as give you new and innovative compositions that can help your water bill and our community. Water conservancy is a very legitimate and important concern of ours, and we are excited of what modern technologies we have access to, to make your landscape venture come to life!

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Native Planting

We have an extremely knowledgeable team here to pick out the precise plants for each design keeping in mind low water requirements and sustainability. We believe in healthy roots healthy plants, and therefore providing you with a conservative irrigation system timed and proportioned to your plants’ circumstances.

Dry Creek Bed

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is a stone lined stream bed that mimics a natural watercourse with a wandering path that is lined with plants. These dry creeks can be made a part of the landscape by incorporating stepping stones, bridges and waterfalls. While looking great these features also drastically cut down on your property’s water intake.

mulch landscaping santa cruz

Mulch Landscaping

If you want to increase curb appeal and give your yard a polished touch, mulch is a great option! It comes in many forms and is very versatile to accomodate your projects’ needs. From organic mulch with shredded wood and compost, to inorganic, long lasting decorative varieties; we can help you choose the right product that will compliment the dwelling or yard you are designing for.

Water Efficient Landscapes

Update your existing irrigation systems

If you aren’t looking to completely renovate your space, then maybe all you need is a few irrigation updates. Whether it’s converting your watering to drip irriagtion, installing a rain sensor system, or just switching to more efficient sprinklers, we discover the latest and greatest in the field and make them accessible to you with personalized schedules and equipment for your project.