“K&D Landscaping is thriving in the residential design/build segment, which can be volatile part of the green industry. The story illustrates how they were able to achieve growth in that area and gives our readers a great example of the process to becoming a successful landscaping company,” said Brian Horn, editor, Lawn & Landscape magazine.

Grow what you know

At K&D Landscaping, reinvesting in the residential design/build market has led to big jobs and even bigger growth.

Owner Justin White (left) hired project manager Jeremy Ross (right) to head up the residential design/build division.

All photos: © Lisa Stone
Sometimes in business, it pays to go with your gut. At K&D Landscaping in Santa Cruz, California, the payoff came in the form of 30 percent growth over a year-long period.Skirting around a sometimes-risky market segment, K&D decided to table their residential design/build efforts for several years. The company shifted its services towards commercial design/build projects in 2014, and it wasn’t until a good interview and some brainstorming years later that they realized the potential in the residential market.
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