Rain and moderate temperatures create a wonderful atmosphere and healthy soil conditions for spring landscape projects. Before your perennial plants begin to emerge, get outside and enjoy some sunshine and exercise while tackling yard and garden maintenance.

Yard Cleanup and Weed Control

Although you might have the best intentions to clean up debris and weeds from the yard during the fall, football games, kids’ sports, and school activities often take precedence.

In the Spring, you can’t put it off any longer and you need rake up old leaves before your flower beds begin to sprout. It is also important to get rid of wet plant debris and twigs from your yard landscape to prevent mold from forming.

If you have been working on your compost pile, mix up the soil and transfer it into your vegetable or flower garden. As the temperatures begin to warm up, the soil will combine with the dirt in your beds and enrich and fertilize your Spring plants.

This is also the perfect time to spread some pre-emergence weed control in your rock gardens, along sidewalks and patios, or anywhere you don’t want weeds to grow.

Revamp Landscape Design

Last year you might have noticed the beautiful landscape and gardens in the yards around your neighborhood. Spring is the perfect time to look at your own landscape design and make some changes and improvements.

You can call in landscaping companies or try some ideas on your own. If you are thinking ahead to conserving water, consider creating flower beds with California native plants.

You can find options to plant along your walkway, as a border, or to attract birds and butterflies. You should also consider taking out older bushes or plants that did not do well last summer. Planning out a design in advance will help you create amazing curb appeal.

To Prune or Not to Prune

Spring is also the best time to prune many shrubs in your yard. First look around and remove any branches that are dead or broken. If you have Hydrangea and butterfly bushes in your yard – these can also be pruned to encourage healthy new growth.

Late spring is also the time to give your rose garden some attention. Depending on the variety of roses, you should remove about a quarter to a third of the plant to stimulate new foliage and fragrant flowers throughout the summer. Some plants in your landscape should not be pruned until after they flower. These include Azaleas, Mountain Laurel, and Rhododendron.

Caring for Fruit Trees

If fruit trees are part of your landscape, Spring is the time of year you need to fertilize to ensure a great crop. Many of these trees bloom in Spring and begin preparations for producing fruit. You might need to include some extra watering if your trees are new and be sure to remove any broken branches.

Another great way to conserve water throughout the summer is to add mulch around the bottom of your trees. Create a rock or paving stone border to keep the mulch from spreading out and your fruit trees should flourish throughout the season.

Renew Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a great way to add height and structure to your landscape. You probably leave the foliage during the winter to add some interest to your yard, but in the spring, you need to cut back before the plant wakes up and begins growing. Cut the old growth off about six inches from the ground. If you are environmentally conscious, consider planting deer grass instead of pampas grass which can become invasive. You will also want to cut back Liriope to create and maintain your borders and give your landscape a fresh look for spring.

Add Color to your Spring Gardening

If you enjoy lots of colors all throughout the Spring and Summer months, now is the time to think about adding some new flowers to your landscape. There is a large variety of drought-tolerant flowers that will look beautiful without a lot of water and care.

Plan out your color scheme to coordinate with the color of your home and other plants in your yard. Once you have decided on the colors, think about height and texture and then find flowers to fit your needs.

Consider adding some herbs or vegetables that will add interest to your yard. Landscaping companies will often help build and design raised beds, interesting fountains, and rock features to create a unique, attractive and easy maintenance appearance to your yard.

As you begin to look forward to the summer months and entertaining friends and family in your outdoor spaces, make sure your yard looks amazing by following our Spring maintenance suggestions. Not only will your plants be happier, but your neighbors will also be jealous of your beautiful flowers and shrubs and your unique garden decor.