Maximize Your Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Space with Outdoor Heating

Chances are if you are a homeowner that you’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy making the inside of your home as attractive and inviting as possible. However, many homeowners fail to fully take advantage of their outdoor space. A few key elements can make your deck, porch or patio equally as comfortable and useful as your indoor space.

Outdoor Heating Can Extend Your Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Space

There are few things more pleasant than enjoying dinner and conversaton with friends or family outside on a porch or patio on a pleasant evening under the stars or on a nice summer day. However, if the weather turns a little chilly, there is no need to end the fun if you plan ahead and get the right outdoor heating for your space. There are many options that can meet your specific needs.

Types of Outdoor Heating

Natural Gas

Natural gas heaters are best for open spaces. Natural gas heaters are a good option if you want a heater that is easy to use and maintain. Another advantage of natural gas heaters is that they produce a lot of heat immediately after ignition. Heaters that use natural gas usually require professional installation since they often must be connected to a gas line. However, the cost of installation pays for itself over time due to the low maintenance costs.

Natural gas heaters can be free-standing units or mounted on the ceiling to save on floor space. Some homeowners also enjoy the ease and convenience of natural gas to power a fire pit. Also, if you only need to heat a small space, you might be able to use a convenient table-top unit.


Propane heaters are a good option for people who need a heater that puts out a lot of heat. The advantages of propane heaters are their affordability, ease of installation and portability. However, the heat tanks used with propane heaters need to be replaced frequently, which can be more expensive over time than other options. Propane heaters also must be used in open spaces and are not to be used in covered patios


Electric heaters can be used both in open and enclosed spaces and are easy to install without professional help. However, electric heaters do not put out heat as quickly as natural gas or propane heaters. Also, electrical heaters must be plugged into an electrical outlet and thus can only be used in limited areas outdoors. Still, they are often a very functional and cost-effective option for small,covered outdoor spaces. Typically, electric outdoor heaters are free-standing or wall-mounted.


Some people really love the snap, crackle and pop of wood burning and there is nothing quite like the smell. You can opt for a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or chiminea if you are seeking to use wood to heat your outdoor space. The cost of installing a wood-burning heater varies greatly. One drawback to wood heaters is that they require a fair bit of maintenance due to having to buy firewood and clean ashes. Also, it takes a little more effort to get a fire going compared to flicking a switch for an electric heater. Still, for many, the charm of a wood fire is a unique experience that is well worth the time and expense.

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