Decorating your home for Christmas is always great fun, but there is a danger in doing too much in your Christmas Landscape. You don’t want your home to become an exaggerated example of a holiday home.

Going overboard is easy if you’re not being careful. In order to avoid that, it’s best to stick to a simpler approach to decorating.

That said, simple does not mean the same as dull. Indeed, it is possible for you to create a beautiful yet understated Christmas landscape in your very own yard. And you can do that by just sticking to adding the essential pieces of holiday décor.

Even without spending a fortune on decorations, you can transform your yard into a setting fit to host the holidays.

  1. Yew Bushes Are Perfect for the Holidays

Let’s start with some plants that belong in your yard during the holiday season. Yew bushes, in particular, fit so well into the holiday aesthetic.

Even if you’ve never heard of a yew plant before, you’ve likely seen one. They can be grown up to various heights depending on what you need for your yard. That makes them ideal seasonal plants.

For Christmas time, what you want to have in your yard are yew bushes. Encourage them to grow in tight, circular bundles, and they’ll almost look like Christmas ornaments lining your yard.

Another plus to allowing yew bushes to grow in your yard for the holidays is that they are quite resilient. The chill in the air will do little to hamper their growth.

These plants also retain their striking, dark green hue very well. That means they can stay as elements of your landscape design all year. By the time next Christmas rolls around, they’ll be ready to add a gorgeous green element to your yard again.

  1. Bucket Planters Are Useful Holiday Decorations

Getting more greenery into your yard for the holidays is a good idea, but yew bushes aren’t enough. Diversity makes any holiday decoration setup more interesting, so introduce more plants by utilizing some special tools.

For Christmas time, the tools you’ll want to use are bucket planters.

Bucket planters will help you get more plants into your yard even during the winter months. Plants that aren’t as capable of standing up to the winter climate can be protected better by the bucket planters.

HGTV points out that you can also dress up the bucket planters to make them more visually appealing. You can decorate the buckets themselves or add some embellishments to the plants to give them some more character.

Line these bucket planters up with your yew bushes and you’re sure to have a festive-looking yard.

  1. Light Up Your Christmas Landscape with Luminaria Bags

No outdoor Christmas decoration setup would be complete without some lights. Everyone’s familiar with those Christmas lights that are hung from rooftops and doorways, but those aren’t the only options available.

To shake things up for this holiday season, why not change the way you do the lighting. Instead of having the lights emerge from on high, have them spring up from below to create a different effect.

In order to achieve that desired effect, what you’ll need are luminaria bags.

You can place them just about anywhere in your yard and they’ll look great. If you want to get the most out of them though, Good Housekeeping suggests using them to line a walkway.

Let those luminaria bags guide guests to your home by showering them with warm splashes of light.

You can get luminaria bags in different designs as well. Get the ones that catch your eye and they will help you turn your walkway into an invitation to a celebration.

  1. Transform Your Porch with Some Simple Additions

After filling the yard with gorgeous greenery and landscape lighting, the porch should be next on your list.

You should do a little more to dress up your porch. That’s because it’s a good idea to have a focal point for your holiday landscape design. It doesn’t take much to get your porch ready for the Christmas season.

Better Homes & Gardens lists a few items that you will need for properly decorating your porch.

The first thing you’ll need is a table. Make sure it’s small enough to fit snugly into your porch but also offer enough space to hold some additional items.

Cover the table with some cloth. In keeping with the holiday theme, stick with green, red, and white as the primary colors for the cloth.

Now, you can really have some fun as you can also place some candles and/or pinecones on the table. If you happen to have one of those miniature Christmas trees, you can use that too. You can also place a greeting card on the table that acts as the formal welcome for your guests.

There’s one more item you can add to your porch, but it deserves its own entry.

  1. All About Wreaths

Christmas trees may be the most iconic piece of décor for this season, but wreaths aren’t too far behind. The moment you see one hanging on a door, you are immediately reminded that Christmas is fast approaching.

You likely already have a picture of the classic Christmas wreath in your mind right now. It is worth noting however that there is more than one type of Christmas wreath. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can put one together yourself.

The Spruce notes that wreaths can be fashioned out of grapevines or decorated with fruits. Dressing up the more traditional wreath with some embellishments is also an option. You can also choose to hang more than one wreath if you have a larger door.

Whichever type of wreath you prefer, just make sure that it can hang straight. Also, try to keep the traditional Christmas colors present in it.

The holiday season is known as the most wonderful time of the year. By creating your own Christmas landscape, you can show that you have gotten fully into the spirit of the season. You don’t even need much to get your yard ready for Christmas. Just a few smart additions can turn any yard into a setting ready for the upcoming holiday.