The exterior of your home, including the property surrounding your structure, makes an impression to everyone who views it. There are several ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal by making changes to the landscaping or by adding decorations. Try some of these tips if you believe it is time to give your home a Santa Cruz curb appeal pick-me-up.


Add A Burst Of Color

A property without the incorporation of color will appear bland to those who pass by. Consider adding color to your property to give it a healthy appearance. A garden full of festive flowers or some whimsical garden signs will draw attention to featured areas with ease. For the home itself, painting your front porch door a contrasting color from the rest of the structure is an easy way to add a splash of color without costing a lot to accomplish the task.


Tend To Landscaping Regularly

Failure to keep on top of landscaping maintenance will quickly lead to a property that appears unkempt. Make sure to routinely walk around your home and check for foliage in need of a trim. Regular lawn mowing sessions will also keep your property looking its best. Some Garden ideas California homeowners use include using small fencing pieces around the perimeter of a vegetable garden or flower bed or using pavers or sidewalk pieces for those who wish to walk through their yards to check on their foliage at their leisure.


Provide A Resting Area

When you add a bench or chair to your property within view of the curb, those who view it will instantly be reminded of relaxation. A wooden or iron bench or outdoor furnishings gives people a comfortable place to sit back and enjoy the surroundings. To top off the look, invest in some pillows or cushions to dress up the furniture in the color and theme of your choosing. You will find this spot becomes a favorite for those living in or visiting your home. Add a table if you intend on using the resting spot for reading, eating, or drinking so you have a readily-available spot to rest your items.


Tend To Your Driveway

Your home’s Santa Cruz curb appeal is not limited to the structure and surrounding property. Your driveway is equally as important in providing spectators with a favorable appearance. Consider lining your driveway with green foliage and sturdy plants with dimension. If your driveway is unpaved, consider using border stones to contain smaller rocks or gravel. If you have a dirt driveway, adding gravel or asphalt will improve its appearance tremendously. For those with already paved driveways, tend to any cracks or holes with sealant yearly. This refreshing darker hue will instantly improve your driveway’s overall look. For something different, colored asphalt is always an option. 


Provide Illumination 

Your home’s curb appeal can be improved not only during daytime hours but also when the sun goes down. Add forms of illumination to showcase featured spots as well as to provide safety and security. Floodlights work well at showing off your favorite landscaped features as well as illuminating target areas such as walkways and driveways. To give your home a festive appearance, use solar lights along your front walkway so you have a lit area right up to your doorway.


Add Porch Decor

The front door of a home is usually the area where the eyes are drawn when driving or walking past. In addition to using color to your advantage, adding decorations to your porch around your doorway will attract attention to this area. Try a festive wreath, an inviting welcome mat, or an interesting flower pot. Add a themed mailbox or hang a flag to attract attention as well. If you have a house number, consider purchasing metal or wood plaques to adhere to the exterior of your home near your front door or on your mailbox.


Use Santa Cruz Landscape Design Tricks

The addition of colored stones around the perimeter of your home is a wonderful way to help battle weeds and dress up the area without spending a lot in the process. These stones can be used around plants to make them more noticeable. Another trick landscapers use to draw attention to a property is the incorporation of different levels of features. Adding a flower bed or a retaining wall gives the property the appearance of a larger space, making them great ways to boost curb appeal if your plot is on the smaller side. For a natural garden appearance, use native California plants.


Install Fencing

The addition of a fence around your yard will improve your property’s curb appeal while providing a definitive boundary. A fence helps to keep the property organized rather than spilling out in all directions. It also gives you peace of mind if security is a concern. Opt for a traditional white picket fence or an intricate wrought-iron barrier to add character to your property.


Tend To Your Home’s Exterior

Changing the exterior color of your home is a quick way to give it a whole new appearance. Those passing by may notice your home for the first time simply because of a new paint job. Swapping out windows for newer designs also gives a home a newer, sharper appearance. If your gutter system hasn’t been maintained, it could make your home’s exterior look less than favorable. Tend to portions that sag or pull away from the home with a new set of brackets. Dripping gutters require repair or replacement. 


Add Decor To Your Yard

Your home’s porch is not the only spot that can fare well with the addition of decor. Add an interesting statue, some poles for the hanging of colorful flags, or a splendorous fountain to your garden area. A birdbath is a great addition for those who want entertainment as well as decor. When selecting yard decorations, stick with one theme or color rather than adding different types of pieces. This could make the area appear cluttered rather than giving it a polished appearance. Be sure to add some of your own character to your selections for a personalized result.