Do you own a lovely residence in Central California? Today, many property owners in this area wonder whether improving the landscaping in Santa Cruz and surrounding areas will increase the value of their real estate. Answering this question in financial terms requires the input of a qualified appraiser.

In general, appraisals typically consider only the structure of man-made improvements, such as the residence itself and outbuildings. As a result, creating a lovely home exterior can (and will) likely contribute aesthetic value to the property. This enhancement in turn often translates into increased marketability. The bottom line: you may enjoy a faster sale if you ever place your real estate on the market by keeping your landscaping in an attractive condition.

A Wise Investment

Home improvement experts frequently regard landscaping improvements as by far one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of a residence in the opinion of a homebuyer. While caring for the home’s exterior may prove as simple as installing a charming garden or keeping the lawn well tended, the efforts you expend towards these goals will likely yield returns whenever a visitor sees the home for the first time. Likewise, real estate agents sometimes emphasize the importance of “curb appeal”. It refers to the eye-catching qualities of beautiful, lovingly maintained real estate.

You can assess curb appeal very effectively yourself. The next time you drive through an unfamiliar neighborhood, try and notice two homes with front yards. Which do you consider more attractive, and why? The chances remain excellent if you ever find yourself shopping for real estate, you’d prefer to reside in a dwelling with a nicely landscaped exterior and a well-maintained profile. Above all, first impressions matter a lot during the home selection process! Home buyers often evaluate and compare several properties seeking to identify the best one for their household. Hence, sellers who offer visually appealing premises usually enjoy an advantage during this process.

Some Popular Landscaping Features

Creating appealing residential landscaping in this part of California does not necessarily require the expenditure of a lot of money. Therefore, you may find it helpful to call upon the skills of professional landscapers. Just consider a few of the most in-demand types of landscaping features:

Lawn Care

Creating and maintaining a lush, green lawn requires skill and expertise. Most noteworthy, this popular feature helps create inviting surroundings for healthy outdoor exercise and recreation. Requesting regular lawn care services helps ensure grass receives adequate nutritional support through the application of soil amendments. Lawn care services also prevent a yard from appearing overgrown or infested with weeds at certain time of the year.


In many parts of Central California, homeowners opt for lovely xeriscaping. Whether you prefer a rock garden or the creative use of sands and mosses, these natural home exteriors also hold great aesthetic appeal! Certainly,  a skillful landscaper may offer helpful assistance in designing and installing unique residential xeriscaping cost-effectively.


Have you considered adding a paved walk or a path to your grounds? Sometimes these lovely landscaping features add visual interest to a yard. As a result, they may help spare a lawn from developing muddy tracks in locations where foot traffic crosses regularly.


A stylish yard often includes beautiful trees and bushes. If these sturdy wooded plants already thrive on your property, it makes sense to keep them in excellent condition. As a result, regular pruning actually promotes better growth. Therefore, it helps to ensure a tree enjoys balance and stability.

A Garden

Of course, a flower or vegetable garden holds numerous landscaping advantages, too! Stately homes in this locale often employ gardens advantageously to help showcase the beauty of the residence and its setting. If you do decide to install a garden, make sure you supply regular horticultural care; trim back exuberantly growing vegetation, remove weeds, and furnish your plants with the water and mineral supplements they require to thrive!

Retaining Walls

Quite frequently, a residence in will include an elegant retaining wall to help contain earth or rocks in the desired position. This landscaping feature may significantly increase the utility of a yard when a builder has constructed a home on sloping terrain. Therefore, homeowners may benefit by receiving knowledgeable input from a landscaper before installing these structures.


Does your real estate offer a pond, a fountain, a bird-bath, or an in-ground sprinkler capability? Yards sometimes include one (or more) of these features. Additionally, energy-efficient sprinklers hold value in helping property owners maintain lawns, gardens, and trees in a vigorous, healthy condition. From a conservation standpoint, it remains important in our area to control and regulate the use of water to prevent waste.

Harness The Power of Regular Landscaping Services

Property owners with a lot of spare time and extensive landscaping experience sometimes choose to perform lawn, garden, and tree care entirely on their own. They may call upon a landscaper only for the initial design and installation of durable landscaping features, such as walks, walls, or pools. Finally, residents without time to expend on maintaining a stylish curb appeal often prefer to hire a landscaper instead to help ensure the property retains its allure throughout the year.

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