If you’re trying to determine the best landscaping solutions for your office building, then you should check out this list below. Here are seven ways to ensure you have attractive landscaping for your office building. 

Attractive Landscaping for Office Buildings 

1. Work with a Commercial Landscape Provider

If you want to have the best possible commercial landscape, then you should look into utilizing professional services. They will help ensure your property gets the exact TLC it deserves. No matter your budget, you should be able to find someone who can handle your office building landscape needs. 

Make sure you only use a landscaper with a proven track record of success. Before signing up for their services, you can ask to see examples of their work. You also can ask for reviews of their work. Consider one-off services and ongoing service agreements to get the results you want. 


2. Have Annuals and Perennials Planted

A Santa Cruz landscape design company could plant annuals and perennials on your property. Remember that annuals do not return every year. Use them for a seasonal blast of color. Perennial plants will come back for you year in and year out if properly cared for, and landscaping pros can ensure that proper care happens.  

When looking at your solutions for landscaping in California, there are some great annuals and perennials that will work for your Central California property. You have bushes, shrubs, and trees to consider. Take some time now to think about what types of annual and perennial blooms will look best for your business.  


3. Look into Shade Producing Plants

You also should be sure to look into shade producing plants for your building. Consider various bushes and trees that do more than just look great. Look into plants that also will shade your building. 

When you add shade producing plants, you can potentially lower your company’s energy bills. And why would you not want to reduce how much you pay for your utilities? Invest in shade producing plants. It will pay off for your company right away and well on into the future, too. 


4. Remove Weeds and Unnecessary Growth 

It is essential to remove weeds and unnecessary growth in your office building garden. Did you know that if you leave these issues unchecked, you can impact the safety of your building? Weeds and growth can cause you to have all kinds of foundation and structural issues with your building. Not only can a landscaper remove weeds and growth for you, they can install liners, mulch, and pine straw, too, to keep these issues from developing again for your business. 

After-hour safety is further ensured for your company, too. Keep the growth under control. Remove opportunities for criminals to lurk on your company and hideout waiting for their moment to strike. 


5. Pay Attention to Walkways and Surface Issues 

Make sure to have a landscaper look into any imperfections with your walkways and surfaces. These issues can present safety issues for your company and can negatively impact your curb appeal. 

You might have grown accustomed to seeing these cracks and other flaws. You might not even notice them at all, but they actually are some of the first things the public notices about your property. Those first impressions are very important for your business. 


6. Ensure You Have a Green Lawn and Colorful Blooms

It’s also very important for your lawn to be green and healthy. Colorful blooms are a must for you, too. Both will attract more people to your business and will continue to influence your current customers to continue doing business with you

Fertilizers can be applied to your lawn and garden beds. Proper pruning of bushes, trees, and shrubs by landscapers will ensure you have better curb appeal, too. Landscaping in California comes with specific needs pertaining to the region, so be sure you have those basics covered. Your Santa Cruz landscape design firm also might install a watering system to ensure you have that green lawn and colorful blooms. 


7. Limit the Impact of Pests and Rodents on Your Property

You should know there are all kinds of pests and rodents in Central California that can wreak havoc on your landscaping. These critters can cause you to have issues with your building, too. You should apply necessary precautions to prevent these issues from happening. 

Experienced landscapers are well-versed with how to remove pests and rodents for you. They also can help ensure you do not have pests and rodents return. Talk to professional landscapers today to see how you can mitigate your chances of issues. 


Work with Pros to Ensure You Have Attractive Landscaping 

Make sure you consult with experts about what will and will not work with your landscaping. These pros can guarantee your Santa Cruz area office building gets an immediate facelift. They can ensure your office building looks its best for many years to come, too.