A well-designed outdoor space augments and extends the living space of your home. It is possible to create an ideal space in your backyard or your front yard, which feels like a smooth transition from your indoor space. Fun and functional landscaping will add to the allure of your outdoor living space and help you make it your own. 


Front yard or backyard landscaping can seamlessly fit into the overall design of your space. Whether you have designed your outdoor space for entertaining, for family fun with children and pets, or as a tranquil hangout area, residential landscaping services can help you plan and execute your ideas and concepts. 










Poolside entertaining


The space around your swimming pool can be enhanced by a variety of landscaping styles


– Landscaping can conform to the shape of your pool. If you have a pool with curved edges, creeping and winding plants by the poolside will match the soft and flowing look. For a pool with perpendicular lines or a well-defined geometric shape, a minimalist lawn and geometric stone landscape will provide a clean and contemporary look. 


– You can design a poolside space with a theme. Tropical palms and banana trees are perfect for rendering a California flavor to your poolside. If your backyard adjoins a wooded area, lush beds of flowering plants bordering the pool will reflect the forest-like surroundings. 


– A design with a more practical aim is a gravel poolside landscape dotted with hardy plants that are suited for a hot and dry climate. This can help you save water during regular maintenance of your pool and backyard.


Patio and deck areas


With a sheltered and comfortably furnished patio or deck, you can carry your indoor living space outside. It can double as a dining area, an outdoor gym, a secondary kitchen for those barbecue evenings, or even an office space for when you are working from home. 

Whatever the purpose of the space, landscaping can make it more homely and suited to the activity.


– Shelter: A pergola strung with graceful vines can shelter your patio without blocking out sunlight and fresh air. Wood can be used for a more traditional feel or metal for a modern look. A retractable canvas awning will give you the flexibility to alter the space depending on the weather. 


– Privacy: Partial walls can create a cozy nook. Strategic placement of these walls can give you privacy from the street or a neighboring yard. A wall of tall hedges can serve the same purpose and blend in with the rest of your patio landscaping. 


– Artistic touch: Night lights placed at the feet of trees can highlight them and make your patio more inviting after dark. Solar-powered lamps can be used for this purpose, helping you save energy and the environment. Grass or other greenery can be planted in between the spaces between stone slabs, creating lines of green, to soften the severity of the stone, and add a pop of color. 


– Color: Pebbles, gray-toned succulents, and cacti can be added to match the stone seating of your patio. Tender, green bamboo can be planted to match your wooden slat furniture. Flowering plants with blooms of the appropriate color can match your patio furniture and fixtures. They can be changed when you change the fixtures, like the cushions on your couch, for example.  


Garden space


Your backyard or front yard could be a beautiful garden, which could be a hobby, increase the curb appeal of your home, or provide you with a space to do some organic farming. 


Local flora survives the best in all types of local weather and will require minimal maintenance. Plants native to the Santa Cruz environs, such as cypress, elderberry, and types of sage, are easily available. Some plants attract bees and butterflies and are beneficial to the ecosystem. 


Rock gardens can give your outdoor space an artistic touch. It is a space can be filled mostly with stones and rocks, requiring fewer plants. Rocks and pebbles of varying sizes and hues are arranged in creative layouts that can be multi-level or terraced in some cases. Moss adds color and softens the arrangement. Plants that complement the stony appearance are added to complete the design. A water feature such as a pond or a waterfall can enhance its beauty. 


– A vegetable garden in your backyard will provide your kitchen with the supply you need, grown in the manner of your choice. Raised beds can be accommodated in any part of the yard. Herbs, vegetables, and fruits can be cultivated organically, helping you maintain a sustainable lifestyle for yourself and your family. 


Kid-friendly and pet-friendly outdoor areas


One of the main reasons that homeowners purchase a home with a large backyard is for the sake of their children and pets. Landscaping can help make this space safe as well as inviting to both. 


Kid-friendly backyards can have a lush lawn with a jungle gym, a trampoline, or an above-ground kiddie pool. A colorful climbing wall with a rubber fall surface can be a fun way to keep the children active. Plants that do not have thorns or prickly leaves, rocks that add a decorative touch but do not have sharp edges, and are placed well away from the center of the space can keep your backyard attractive as well as safe.


– Pets love a large backyard in which to run around. Landscaping ideas suited for pets can keep them happy and safe. Taking care to avoid flowering and fruiting plants that could be harmful to your pets if ingested, is one way to adapt the landscaping for pets. 


Functional landscaping for socializing


Your backyard can be a perfect space for entertaining. Whether it is for a barbecue, a quiet gathering, cocktails, or as a spillover space for a party at home, a beautifully landscaped backyard can be an alluring space. 


– An outdoor bar or barbecue can make it a self-sufficient space for a party in balmy weather when the guests would prefer to stay outside and the hosts do not need to shuttle between the outdoor space and the indoor bar or kitchen. 


– A fire pit or a fireplace would make your backyard a convenient space for a gathering during the cooler months. 


– Ample lighting around the outdoor entertaining space makes it more appealing. Lighting can be in the form of overhead warm lights on the cabana, enhanced by solar lamps in the surrounding shrubbery. Tiki torches can add a touch of whimsy. 


– A cozy nook or conversation corner can be built using a partial L-shaped wall for a sectional sofa.


An oasis of serenity


Your outdoor space can be designed to be a haven in which to de-stress and unwind. 


– A tranquil space can be created in your backyard with water features. A gurgling fountain or a gently cascading waterfall can be a source of soothing white noise. A koi pond can add to the zen-like atmosphere and make it a pleasant space in which to kick back and read or listen to music.


– Shady areas can be built with plants whose leaves rustle in the wind. Plants with sweet-smelling flowers like jasmine or gardenias can elevate the allure of the space. 


– A raised wooden platform surrounded by plants can be a delightful space for yoga or meditation. In larger spaces, a meandering walkway can be used for a relaxing stroll. 


Landscaping can make your outdoor space enticing as well as functional. A range of ideas can be used in Santa Cruz for landscaping your home. Once you have an idea of the purpose that you would like for your outdoor space, there is a wide variety of creative ways in which you can realize the dream of your ideal backyard or front yard.