Neglecting your business’s exterior appearance can send the impression to prospective customers that your services or products are lacking, which can cause them to feel uneasy about supporting your business and instead seek out your competitors with good property upkeep and commercial landscaping.

Therefore, you want to ensure that your property’s curb appeal tops the list of your marketing strategies, which experts say helps increase foot traffic as well as your sales.

Some simple ways to improve your curb appeal to attract more customers include:

Refresh Your Building’s Exterior

Over time, your building can begin to show signs of wear and tear, which can cause it to look shabby and drab and cause people to wonder if it’s still open.

However, there are some low-cost ways to revive the look of your building and send the right message to customers that you are still in business, including installing new trim on the exterior.

If your budget permits, you can also apply a coat of fresh paint on the outside of the building to update its look.

Meanwhile, if the door is dirty or has chipped paint, it could also send the wrong message to customers, so you should repaint or replace the door to also help project a professional image.

Check the Signage

Your signage also plays a role in whether or not customers feel inspired to enter your business; therefore, you want to ensure that it also remains in good shape.

Your signage should also be large enough and positioned where people passing your business via various routes can easily read it.

You can also use outdoor signage to alert customers of any deals you may be running, which will help attract new customers that may otherwise have not visited your establishment.

Fix Damaged Walking Areas

Freshly resurfaced walkways and stairs not only give your property a clean appearance, but it also ensures your customers are safe while traveling to and from your building on foot.

On the other hand, broken, cracked, or chipped walkways and stairs pose a safety hazard for customers, which will most likely discourage them from entering your business.

Therefore, to send the message to customers that you care about their safety, be sure to repair any problematic walking areas. It also helps decrease your business’s liability risks.

Upgrade the Parking Lot

Like your walkway and stairs, a crumbling parking lot can also make customers reluctant to enter your establishment, and it, too, puts your business at risk of liability.

Therefore, be sure to maintain a smooth and even parking lot free of cracks and potholes, which also helps make customers feel welcomed.

It should also include clear parking lines and offer handicap accessible parking to further accommodate customers.

Hire a Professional Commercial Landscaping Company

Fresh greenery, such as shrubs, native California flowers, or even tree islands, strategically placed throughout your property, makes your business look more vibrant and lively, which also helps create an inviting atmosphere for customers.

If your property has no greenery, a commercial landscaper, such as Santa Cruz Landscaping, can help you choose the right selection of flora for your space and then also plant them for you to help increase the chance they will thrive as they should for the most appealing look.

A commercial landscaper can also maintain your new or existing greenery to help ensure it continues to grow for sustained business curb appeal.

Rock gardens also make charming additions to your property, and they are also cheaper and much easier to maintain than traditional gardens, so you may also consider this as an option to help beautify your property.

Meanwhile, light fixtures added to your property helps ensure your building can be seen at night, so it still looks inviting even during the evening hours. A commercial landscaper, such as a Santa Cruz Landscaping, can also work with you to incorporate the right lighting into your landscaping scheme to help set the mood you want.

Keep Your Property Clean

Once you have made all the necessary upgrades to your building and your property, you now need to keep it clean to ensure it remains attractive to customers.

This means regularly clean any trash from the property as well as the entryway, which helps display to customers that you take pride in your business. You should also ensure the windows remain clean because dirty windows make your building look run down, which can also cause customers to turn away.

If you have any window displays, they should also be dusted and cleared of any cobwebs frequently, and the display itself should also be changed every few months to help give your business a new look.

You can do this work yourself, or you may consider hiring cleaners to help save time.

Show Your Holiday/Seasonal Spirit

Adding seasonal decor to your business to celebrate the holidays or to welcome in the weather’s changes gives your business a spirited look that not only adds to your business curb appeal, but that also makes your business look more friendly.

So don’t be afraid to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your customers throughout the holidays or seasons, just like you do for your family, so they feel they belong too.

As you can see, there are many quick and budget-friendly ways to upgrade your business’s exterior, all which have been shown to help increase new customers for your business and, in turn, also your income, which is great for your bottom line.

Once you have found a look for your business that you are happy with, be sure to keep it up by ensuring it remains clean and refreshed, which will also help save money on more expensive upgrades later.

In the meantime, if you are interested in installing greenery or rock features on your property or you are in need of commercial landscaping for your current greenery, call us or visit our web site to schedule an appointment.