Outdoor kitchens fit perfectly into landscaping design and planning. They are as useful as they are attractive. Today’s landscaping professionals strive for the total picture of outdoor comfort and relaxation. With details like fire pits, pavers and flagstone paths, and artful garden stepping stones, it’s easy to see how an outdoor kitchen can add to your property value. However, convenience is also important. A proper irrigation system is a big convenience for anyone with an outdoor kitchen.

Why Irrigation Systems Matter

A well- designed outdoor kitchen receives frequent use and must include a proper irrigation system. This is especially important when your backyard has been customized with a beautiful landscape.

If you’ve already invested in an irrigation system, you’ll want your outdoor kitchen equipment system to be linked to it. This will help you avoid damaging water run off and expensive water bills. To save money and prevent future damage, it is crucial your outdoor kitchen has a proper irrigation system.

In addition to the already stated benefits, you will also be able to enjoy added convenience.  An outdoor kitchen without adequate water sources means lugging water from indoor sources. Furthermore, Outdoor water faucets for these kitchens can also result in additional landscaping repair costs if homeowners have no access to a state-of-the-art irrigation system.

Consult with Landscaping Experts

It’s best to plan your irrigation system when you plan an outdoor kitchen. Avoid costly mistakes by seeking the advice of your local landscaping experts before you start building. Californians take no chances with landscaping results. This explains why Central Coast residents choose K&D Landscaping, Inc. for all of their landscaping needs, including installing a flawless irrigation system.

Our landscaping team is fully trained in landscaping design, planning and installations. Due to our many years of experience, our company has received industry recognition and numerous awards. When it comes to the importance of water efficient landscapes for California residents, there is no landscaping team more reliable than us.

Sometimes, an outdoor kitchen may require more than just an update. However, all outdoor kitchen irrigation systems require regular inspections and minor maintenance to prevent costly damage. Prevent these problems in the near and distant future by having a professional landscaping team install and maintain your irrigation system.

Make The Time To Find The Right Design

Want to make your outdoor kitchen stand out from the crowd? Consider having your new irrigation system attached to an outdoor kitchen bar center. This addition is quickly gaining popularity in trending outdoor kitchen designs. Bar centers require ice bins and features like bar sink stations. For this type of design, it’s important that you have a good system to brings water to your outdoor kitchen faucets and sinks. After all, no one wants to run out of ice and water in the middle of a lively backyard party.

It’s also important that this system reroutes drainage water away from dining areas and garden landscapes. Irrigation systems for outdoor kitchens should work very similarly to indoor water piping.

What Is The Best Irrigation System For Your Home?

We provides a broad range of irrigation system designs that fit your family’s needs at K&D Landscaping, Inc. Each design is fully functional.  You won’t have to wait long until your outdoor kitchen is ready for all backyard social events.

When we design an irrigation system for outdoor kitchens, our expert design team considers the location and the specific type of equipment needed. We also keep the overall lay of the landscape in mind. For example, a backyard with a slight downward slant will need a little extra attention to detail. We do this to ensure the irrigation system is installed right. For example, water that needs to go to outdoor sinks should always flow effortlessly through the irrigation piping. This helps protect the integrity of the soil without compromising the style of the landscape.

By using a control system, your K&D irrigation system will work separately from your garden sprinkling system.  Imagine how happy your outdoor kitchen users will be when they always have as much water as they need for cooking and other activities.

What Is The Installment Process Like?

It takes only a relatively short time to install a new irrigation system for most outdoor kitchens. Our professional team takes great care to leave your property as we found it: ready for use and enjoyment. In fact, many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with the attention to detail and high quality work we provide without disturbing their landscaping.

What Material Should You Use?

Irrigation systems need to be durable and dependable. You can do this by using high quality materials like PVC or Polyethylene piping. At K&D Landscaping, we make sure all water systems meet all state water regulations. As a result, our irrigation systems are designed, fabricated and installed in compliance to California’s water conservation regulations.

Relax and rest easy when you choose to work with K&D Landscaping.  Our team always uses landscaping materials that are environmentally responsible and friendly. In short, the material we use is perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful outdoor kitchen without hurting the environment.

Are you ready to add an irrigation system to your outdoor kitchen? Visit our website to get started. Or, call 831-728-4018 to speak to one of our team members today.