Water Conservation

November 8 2016

We all want to conserve our most precious natural resource, WATER. As a Landscape Maintenance provider, we consider ourselves in a unique position to make a change and create a positive effect on our local water supply. Our landscape maintenance clients depend on us to manage their irrigation systems in the most responsible way possible. This is why we invest in our team; we regularly attend water conservation symposiums, attend training events and we are a member of the Irrigation Association. With a team of irrigation technicians there is no problem we can’t solve. From Scott’s Valley down to Marina and up into the Carmel Valley we are saving water by using a range of techniques. We want to help you save water at your home or business so here are 10 ways you can lower your monthly water bill:
1. Inspect you irrigation controller to make sure it is operating properly, like anything else it has a shelf life and it might be time for a new one.
2. Connect a rain sensor to your irrigation controller. This will shut the controller down for 2-3 days (this is adjustable) after a rain event. This ensures you aren’t that person who has their sprinkles running the day after a big rain (we’ve all seen it)
3. Utilize soil moisture sensors to monitor your soil moisture and adjust you controller accordingly
4. The next level up from a rain sensor is a weather station with a smart controller. We use these on our large commercial maintenance sites to provide the landscaping with the exact amount of water it needs. The on site weather station adjusts the controller daily based on real time weather data. At one time these were very expensive but thanks to technology they are be coming more and more affordable.
5. Controller programming techniques; By watering in early morning and spreading your 20 minute cycle into (3) 5 minute cycles you can use less water and do more.
6. Keeping your plants in good health. By making sure your plants are free from pests and diseases you can ensure they will use the water you provide in the most efficient way possible.
7. Changing your overhead sprinkler irrigation to a drip irrigation system
8. Remove your high water use plants and install native drought tolerant plants
9. Mulch bare landscaping areas to help improve the soils moisture content
10. Fix those leaky sprinkler heads! We all got a couple and all it takes is replacing one or two heads to save you 10-20% on your monthly bill.
By utilizing these and other techniques K&D Landscaping ranked #1 in Santa Cruz County for water management in the month of September by Waterfluence. Link to ranking sheet: CA Ranking
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